The traditional Narvi sauna heater offers an authentic Finnish sauna experience

Narvi’s energy-efficient and low-emission sauna and fireplace products are designed and manufactured entirely in Finland. They are high quality and reliable. The heaters have all the properties for a good sauna and feature a unique appearance.

Our wood-burning heaters are world-renowned quality products whose energy efficiency is in a class of its own. The heaters are durable, look good and – due to the large number of stones – give off the best steam. 80 years of experience, an uncompromising attitude and only the best materials can be seen and felt in the finished product.

Narvi’s range of sauna and fireplace products consists of three brands: Narvi, Aito and Kota. The Aito heater is a good example of a traditional Finnish sauna heater: it has served even the most demanding Finnish sauna goers for decades and has received nothing but praise.

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Energy efficient and low-emission sauna and fireplace products.