Slow Sauna guarantees a complete experience

Tilassa SlowSauna® is a sauna and bathroom design, and a construction service for sauna service providers and private customers. In addition to achieving a technically functional space, design also takes into account authenticity, sensory stimulation, mindfulness, relaxation, cleanliness and well-being.

SlowSauna® design and construction for service providers takes the development goals and target groups of their respective companies into account. Both company personnel and customers participate in design work using the co-design participation method.

SlowSauna® is a complete experience that users will want to relive over and over again. Relaxation and mindfulness are personal experiences that can be created using atmospheric material choices and details. Cleanliness is a must, as is the technical functioning of the sauna and bathroom: lighting, ventilation, acoustics, accessibility.

After design and implementation, sauna service providers can apply directly for the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality symbol from Sauna from Finland. Our service is based on Finnish sauna and wet room skills. We use Finnish sauna products provided by the members of the Sauna from Finland network.

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Tilassa Slow Sauna: a sauna and bathroom design and construction service. Design also takes into account autnenticity, sensory stimulation, mindufullness, relaxation, cleanliness and wellbeing.