Harvia – From Small Artistic Forge to World’s Leading Sauna Heater Manufacturer

Established in 1950, Harvia has grown from a small artistic forge into one of the world’s leading sauna heater manufacturers and a key sauna industry player. Its wide range of products covers everything you need for relaxing in the heat – from sauna heaters and control centres to extensive sauna and spa ensembles. Harvia provides a complete package from design to finished product. Its distributor network spans over 60 countries, making Finnish sauna heaters and products available around the world.

harvia2Harvia’s products bring enjoyable experiences and relaxation to everyday life. Imagine the stove’s solid natural stone surfaces, a dancing fire behind the glass hatch, the sauna’s wooden surfaces and the clean scent of wood as water – thrown onto the stones – is transformed into steam that cleanses the mind and body. The products are carefully designed with the customer’s preferences in mind, as you can easily see in the end result. The design is some of the best in the industry. Harvia manufactures all of its products itself, even in extensive sauna and spa ensembles. These ensembles can be customised to meet the customer’s wishes.

Harvia is a leading sauna heater and sauna product manufacturer, exports products to over 65 countries and has production facilities in Finland and China, with subsidiary companies in Russia and Estonia. 
Harvia has a long tradition of family ownership and its operations are both profitable and growing.

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Solutions for a wide variety of saunas, heaters, sauna benches, ready made saunas and bathroom saunas, infrared cabins, steam rooms, spa modules etc.


Email: jussi.valkonen@harvia.fi
WWW: www.harvia.fi