Carita Harju

Carita Harju

Carita, our Executive Director, is the mother of the idea behind Sauna from Finland and founder of the association. She has lead the operations for over 10 years from the beginning.

Carita is a pro in multidisciplinary marketing and networking. She knows how to combine things and needs creatively to generate and commercialize new concepts. Carita constantly comes up with new products, and invigorating people and experiences inspire her. She is a life-loving innovator.

Carita has wrote two sauna-themed books:

  • Sauna – the way of Finnish life (2016; Finnish; English, German; Chinese)
  • Soul of Sauna (2020; Japan; Hungary).

Carita is the official quality auditor of authentic Finnish sauna experiences.

Carita Harju

Contact Carita, when..:

  • You want to be part of the Sauna from Finland network
  • You want to apply for the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate
  • You’re interested in sauna training or professional sauna-themed key notes
  • You have new ideas, innovations, or publications related to the Finnish sauna
  • You are looking for statements and information about the Finnish sauna
  • Want to know more about World Sauna Forum
  • Want to co-operate with Sauna from Finland (trade fairs, shows, PR events etc.)

For Carita, going to sauna is the most important way to take of the wellbeing. She goes to sauna five times a week, even daily. Carita is lucky, because she has a separate sauna cabin next to her house.

Carita Harju
Executive Manager, Sauna from Finland
p. +358 40 566 2481
[email protected]

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