Let’s go through the steps towards the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate.

The Quality Certificate application process starts with going through the current situation and getting consultation from Sauna from Finland’s Quality Certificate professional(s). This helps you to prepare the sauna experience at hand for the Certificate.

The process always includes a visit at the destination by Sauna from Finland’s official auditor. The purpose for our expert’s visit is to inspect that the applicant’s sauna experience is ready for the certification. The audit focuses on complete sauna experience: we check what happens before, during, and after sauna. Our criteria are centered around cleanliness, safety, and experiential values.

If the sauna experience meets the criteria, the auditor gives our certification group a suggestion that your service should be granted a certificate. The certificate is granted for three years for sauna experiences which meet the demands of the quality criteria.

At the end of the process, you will be handed the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate, which can be used for marketing purposes.

The certification process step by step:
  1. Send an inquiry about the Quality Certificate to Sauna from Finland’s Executive Director Carita Harju, along with
    • photos and description of your existing sauna experience or
    • plans and blueprints of sauna experience you’re planning to have.
  2. You will receive information about the details of the Quality Certificate process and a cost estimate. You’ll also receive the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook to guide you with the improvement of your sauna experience. You will go through the current situation and needed improvements with Sauna from Finland’s Quality Certificate professional(s), who will provide consultation. (€)
  3. Perform the needed procedures or expand your know-how with our trainings or workshops (e.g. during World Sauna Forum).
  4. Inform Sauna from Finland about the improvements you’ve made to the sauna experience with photos and videos. Sauna from Finland professional will give you feedback. If the sauna experience seems to fill the quality criteria, you can apply for the Quality Certificate.
  5. You’ll agree on an audit inspection date with Sauna from Finland Quality Certificate professional(s). The audit inspection is always done on the spot. The professionals will go through the complete experience from your customers point of view. The purpose of the inspection is to make sure that the service meets the demands of Sauna from Finland quality criteria. This can only be done by going through the sauna experience. (€)
  6. After the inspection Sauna from Finland Quality Certificate professional(s) will write an audit report which you’ll go through together. Your sauna experience has to meet at least 80% of the quality criteria (defined in the Handbook) for the Quality Certificate to be granted. Next steps will be decided case-by-case if the sauna experience meets less than 80% of the criteria.
  7. Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate is granted. The certificate is valid for 3 years from the granting date. (€)
  8. You’ll receive the certificate printed on a wooden board as well as in PDF format after the final payments.
  9. After three years, a new inspection is conducted by Sauna from Finland to ensure the continuity of the quality of the sauna experience. If at least 80% of the criteria is still met, new certificate is granted. (€)

Cost estimate of the complete process varies from 3000€ to 5000€ and includes:

Membership fees, transportation and accommodation fees are excluded from the cost above and are added to the price. The cost depends of the situation of the sauna experience at hand and is defined case-by-case.

The renewal process of the expired Quality Certificate costs separately.

NB! This process is for sauna experiences located outside of Finland – please read about the procedure in Finland here.

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