Boatsauna Was Created by Nature’s Inspiration

When you enter Boatsauna that hides so well in the middle of nature, you can immediately sense the peaceful atmosphere and the smell of aspen. The shape of the Boatsauna reminds you of something else than a traditional sauna building – it looks like a boat that has been turned over for the winter. This was the starting idea for Boatsauna.

”When we were having a sauna night with friends, we noticed a boat that was turned over for winter, and we thought that we could make it into a product. A turned over boat looked beautiful and after considering various alternatives, we ended up making it a sauna. We started developing the idea with the same team, and one of the most important factors was closeness to nature, which means that we collect the material from nature and carve it by hand”, says Jouni Pykäläinen from Eropan Oy.

When building Boatsaunas, we want to use as few prefabricated, processed elements as possible. Sauna is built from natural materials: the outer cover is made of spruce shingles, it has a wooden supporting rail; aspen shingles inside, the plain jointed floor is made of spruce, and the benches are hand carved from birch or aspen. Aluminum paper is used for thermal insulation – it is a breathing material.

All saunas are made to measure so the customer can take part in the design work if desired. You can have your say for example on the room areas, the depth and height of the benches or the stove option before the sauna is finished. The handmade work guarantees that every Boatsauna is unique!

Did you know this?

  • Boatsaunas are delivered turnkey: just add the rocks to the stove and the sauna is ready for use.
  • Our saunas are delivered all over the world

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