Extending the service life of sauna fixtures

Sauna and bathroom furniture are something that people invest time and money on, and the same should be done with their maintenance. There are two types of aging of sauna benches: they easily become dirty-looking and uncomfortable; on the other hand, they start to rot because of the moisture. Dirt on the benches binds moisture and slows down the drying process, and thus promotes decay. Wood is a porous material and, when untreated, it absorbs dirt and moisture. The decay of the boards usually starts at the bottom of the benches that can easily collect dirt. The benches should be kept clean and oiled also from below. Stelon Oy’s Risto Häkli emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance:

“The bottom surface of the bench is where all the dirt builds up, because the dirt on the top of the bench from above is polished when people sit there. Textiles protect the benches from above. The lighter the wood, the easier it starts to look dirty. Darker wood starts to dim and it loses its brightness. However, brightness can be restored if the bench has not been untreated for too long. The surface of the bench can also be sanded, but it is a more laborious process. ”

Stelon products enhance comfort, hygiene, cleanliness and extend the life of your sauna. A suitable maintenance interval depends on the usage of the sauna: for example, if you go to sauna 1-2 times a week, the maintenance should be carried out every six months. A good rule of thumb is to get your sauna ready for the Midsummer and Christmas. The more you use the sauna, the more often it needs a renewal treatment. This should be taken into account especially in public saunas; however, it is important to do a new treatment after every cleaning.

Safe cleaning products

Risto Häkli frequently answers questions about product safety. “Paraffin oil is a very neutral product, one of the least allergenic chemicals known. The oil does not smell or taste and is colorless. Detergent concentrate can be corrosive if it comes into contact with eyes, but when diluted as instructed, the detergent is very mild. It is good to treat it in the same way as any other household detergents; care handle it with care and protect your eyes from splashes. The detergent can be used both in home and public saunas. ”

The detergent does not contain any ingredients that will interfere with the tiles, so it can also be used as a general detergent in the bathroom. It will not damage the wooden surfaces, either. Nowadays, heat-treated wood and treatment is used widely and treatment with paraffin oil reduces wear and smoothens the surface.

Products can be purchased from retailers in hardware stores, timber stores, general stores and also abroad. You can send your inquiries directly to Stelon. We are actively looking for new retailer on our website.

How to use the products: the ABC for washing and protecting

  • Mix the detergent solution as instructed
  • Choose a cleaning sponge or brush for cleaning
  • Remember to also wash the underside of the benches (significantly slows down decay)
  • Rinse thoroughly

Oiling the benches, the next day when the sauna is dry

  • Take the oil in a bottle or in another container to warm up on the benches
  • Heat the sauna to approx. 50 degrees
  • The benches are oiled with warm oil in warm sauna
  • For application you will need a lint-free cloth, sponge or brush, for example a paint brush.
  • Spread plenty of oil on the benches. Wipe any extra oil off
  • The oil is safe for skin! You do not need any protection equipment.

The advantage of oiling: the surface of the wood is preserved; the natural feel of the wood is preserved (unlike many other treatments that make the surface feel harsh).

Stelon Oy was founded by Risto Häkli in Oulu in 2012. Sauna is important for Risto, like for many other Finns. He likes to speak about sauna upholstery, interior and wood is an important material. Stelon’s products emphasize the natural beauty of wood, bringing the material close to people in the sauna experience.

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