Proven luxury with infrared or hybrid saunas

Years ago, Tuula Andersson went to her infrared sauna with her husband for the first time. They drank a lot of water as instructed and they both enjoyed the new experience. However, they experienced the effects in different ways: Tuula slept extremely well, while her husband did the opposite: his metabolism got really going and he was refreshed.

Infrared sauna offers dry warmth and relaxation even longer than a steam sauna. It has proven health effects: the infrared heat stimulates a person’s body to function. For many, it relieves stress. For athletes, infrared sauna is ideal for recovery and warm-up before exercise.

Changing markets as a source of innovation

The company was established in Kauhajoki, Finland, in early 2001. Master Carpenter Juhani Karainen and Tuula Andersson are the founders of the company, and they have been involved since the early days of wooden interiors. They have manufactured customized solid wood furniture; they had their own furniture collection and offered a variety of other furniture. They were manufacturing customized saunas all the time. Using the 3D modeling software, design was easy to implement in cooperation with the customer.

As furniture sales declined and sauna construction increased, they got more information about the infrared sauna and began to consider its suitability for a bathroom. The heater development work began more than ten years ago, and when it was finally advanced enough, it could be added to the sauna side of the bathroom to complement the stove. This way, the infrared heater could be operated at the same time with the stove. As a result of the development work, they created the hybrid sauna with both infrared heaters and a stove. In a hybrid sauna, you can choose between the two ways of using sauna, or you can use both.

A certified quality product

Rauduspuu has very strong expertise in Finland and they have developed their product vigorously on the basis of studies and surveys. The Duetto® Infrared Heater is currently Rauduspuu’s main product, and they have retailers in Finland, Germany, Estonia, Hungary and Sweden. The Duetto® Infrared Heater is certified in Finland and Germany. A country-specific certification is important for Rauduspuu, as in Germany, for example, they have strict quality requirements. The Duetto® Infrared Heaters meet the requirements of the stove Directive and the ungrounded household appliance directive, so they can be used at home and in public areas at the same time with the sauna stove.

Tuula Andersson’s tips for hybrid sauna. Step by step:

1. Switch the infrared heaters on.
2. If you wish, you can switch the stove on.
3. Drink clean, fresh water before, during and after sauna.
4. Go to sauna without your clothes on, this way you can get all the benefits of the infrared heat.
5. Enjoy! Spend some half an hour laying down or reading a book in sauna. You can also throw some water on the stove at the same time.
6. Take a shower and wash yourself with cool water to wash off the sweat and tighten the pores of your skin. Use soap only after this so that it will not get absorbed into open pores. Finally, wash yourself with warm water.
7. When washing, use bath products that you enjoy.
8. The infrared sauna alone does not cause a so-called “post sweat”, so you are ready for an evening out or a day at the office!

Roni Iskanius, Facility Team Leader, Liikuntakeskus Elixia

Roni Iskanius from Elixia has noticed that Duetto® infrared heaters work well fitness center saunas. “The Rauduspuu solution is easy to use and our customers think it is interesting. We have infrared heaters in several locations. As we have various kinds of saunas, this is a really good addition to the service package. Also, the service engineer stays quiet because there is not much to maintain. We have been really happy.” Iskanius has considered buying a hybrid sauna for his own home because of its versatility.

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