The authentic Finnish sauna experience is beneficial for everyone with all its health and wellbeing benefits. But we at Sauna from Finland know that sauna bathers have different tastes and preferences.

Therefore, we have created three sauna experience concepts which help sauna builders and service providers both define their unique sauna experience and find the best elements for sauna bathers’ needs.

These concepts work as a guide in creating the sauna experience itself, but also as tools for PR and marketing.


Finnish sauna is a relaxing and a quiet place. The gentle heat and steam help both your mind and body relax.

Relaxing sauna experience

Authentic Finnish sauna helps your muscles relax, soothes the mind and rejuvenates the body. The enhanced oxygen supply relaxes your body and your mental state, and the increases blood flow helping your fatigued body to recover. In the Relax sauna concept, the sauna is used as a place to unwind and find relief from stress.

Going to sauna can even have meditative benefits. Sitting in the sauna helps you to “zone out” and live completely in the present moment. This decreases stress and inflammation levels in the body. In the sauna, mind and body find connection again.

Sauna bathing can reduce symptoms of depression, and dramatically increase overall wellbeing. Regular sauna bathing has indeed been found to do so. Just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the sauna experience with all your senses.

Sauna and shower

“Relax” sauna concept is perfect for a sauna bather who:

  • Needs a stress relief
  • Is looking for a pause from the busy days
  • Feels pressure to success
  • Is possibly jetlagged from traveling


  • Cozy atmosphere
  • Simplicity
  • All the essential sauna elements, but nothing extra
  • Laying down on the sauna benches
  • Cooling off by a fireplace or sitting in a hot tub
  • Delicious snacks and drinks, dinner afterwards
  • Easy-to-use and experience-enhancing sauna accessories
  • Improved sleeping
  • Nature sounds or silence


Bathing in a high-quality Finnish sauna can perform miracles to your skin – it improves blood circulation and cleanses the pores. In addition, the heat increases the effect of sauna cosmetics, boosting the nurturing effects of a hair mask or a purifying facial.

Beauty care in the sauna

Finnish sauna can be altered to a mini spa or a beauty treatment unit easily. The heat and moisture of the sauna is in many ways beneficial when doing beauty treatments, and the warmth plus pampering therapies complement each other perfectly.

The heat of sauna increases sweating and releases impurities and body wastes through the skin. Just a few minutes is enough – the sweating in carries off deeply in-bedded impurities and dead skin cells, stimulating the production of collagen, leaving your skin glowing and immaculately clean, and giving you improved skin tone, elasticity, texture and color. The increased capillary circulation gives the skin a soft, youthful appearance. And also as a result, the skin is less prone to acne, blackheads and pimples.

The heat and moisture also soften the skin, which helps in removing dead skin cells. Gentle scrubs and scrubbing gloves work great after sauna. Unlike often thought, sauna doesn’t dry out the skin – it actually increases natural sebum production, which eases dry, itchy, even psoriasis-prone skin.

Sauna treatment

The “Beauty” sauna concept is for sauna bathers who:

  • Want a stress relief
  • Are looking for ways to reduce signs of aging
  • Try to find harmony and balance
  • Want to pamper themselves
  • Want to look good and invest in their looks
  • Don’t necessarily enjoy hard steam or sitting in the sauna for very long


  • Skin and hair care
  • Enhancing the absorption of beauty products
  • Healthy, nutritious snacks and drinks (e.g. smoothies)
  • Time for oneself
  • Activity for group of friends, bachelor/bachelorette party activity
  • Soft, pampering textiles
  • Spa-themed music or nature sounds
  • Massages


Sauna is a perfect after-sports activity. The heat of the sauna helps your muscles relax and recover after exercising, and by increasing the body temperature regularly, one can actually generate dramatic improvements in muscular growth and endurance.

Sauna and shower

When your body is regularly subjected to heat, it becomes used to it, which leads to many benefits. Firstly, sauna stimulates blood flow and circulation, causing blood vessels in the skin to expand and become more flexible. This, in the long run, lowers the blood pressure and heart rate.

Second, the heat of the sauna increases growth hormone and IGF-1 levels in the body, which help your body to recover. The growth hormone and IGF-1 levels are anabolic – in other words, they burn fat and build lean muscle tissue. Both growth hormone and IGF-1 also promote muscle repair, which means your muscles will recover faster from your workouts if you take a sauna after.

Third, the increased plasma volume and blood flow to your heart and muscles gives both an increase in athletic endurance and increased muscle mass. The effect will be noticeable especially when you do cardio.

Cold plunge after sauna

“Recover” sauna concept is great for a sauna bather who:

  • Values high performance
  • Does hardcore sports
  • Is result-driven
  • Is interested especially in the physical changes sauna gives, perhaps even measuring them
  • Wants to be healthy and stay in shape
  • Needs to enhance recovery after doing sports and relax while doing so


  • Hot-cold-alternation (cold plunges/swim/shower in between sauna sessions)
  • Sauna yoga, sauna pilates, stretching in sauna
  • Massages
  • Recovering drinks and food (e.g. electrolyte drinks, salty snacks)
  • Measuring heart beat, blood pressure
  • Fresh scents, cooling cosmetics
  • Nature sounds
  • Possibility to watch sports in the sauna / while cooling off

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