Finnish landscape architect Anneli Wilska, together with Christian Meyer-Glitza, the managing director of German sauna-constructor Viliv-Saunawerk GmbH, create and implement authentic sauna and sauna-garden solutions for private clients and companies in Northern Germany. Read this article in German.

Passion for the Finnish sauna tradition has inspired them to join forces. They want to provide a unique nature-driven sauna experience in the region.
Christian Meyer-Glitza from VILIV-Saunawerk:

“Our offer is exceptional in the German market: an authentic sauna and garden solution from a single source. It is inspired by the Finnish sauna and nature experience!”

Anneli Wilska reveals the beauty of the Finnish sauna: “The soothing effect of sauna in a natural landscape is a very special and a very Finnish moment. With our combined Finnish sauna and dedicated sauna-garden concept, we want to bring this authentic, Finnish experience available for all Northern German sauna enthusiasts living in urban and suburban surroundings, or in the countryside.”

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VILIV Saunawerk GmbH is a German handcraft-company, specialized exclusively in building, installing, renovating and repairing saunas.

Anneli Wilska is a Finnish landscape architect and garden planner living in Hamburg. She offers garden and outdoor planning services for businesses and private clients.

©️Anneli Wilska

They are both members of Sauna from Finland network.

More information:;

Christian / Viliv Saunawerk: +49 175 291 9962

Anneli / Wilska Garten: +49 171 830 6801

Sales Anneli Wilska

Email [email protected]

Phone 0171-830 6801

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