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Alati Online shop sells lovely Finnish products for sauna, spa and home. The store has been inspired by the “far north”, in other words the Finnish nature, and especially its archipelago. The amazing landscapes, healthy daily rituals and lifestyle reduce the stress from the everyday life which is something of which everyone should be inspired by.

“We love sauna, the sea and a beautiful home inspired by Nordic nature,” describes Nicoline Zarda, the store manager of ALATI Online shop.

“In Finland we discover thousands of lakes, beautiful birch woods, many islands and an intact nature. These are sources of inspiration which lead to high-quality, fresh and pure products and an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience – worth sharing with the world.” Indeed, the Nordic nature and home decor inspired by it has become a big trend in the past years. Especially the eco-friendly materials that are nearly a necessity if one wants to make sustainable and highly valued products. The natural materials not only are good for the environment, but also last a long time and touch all your senses in a gentle way. For example, linen, the trend material of 2020, feels incredibly soft and comfortable on your skin – and dries very quickly! You can find linen products from Finnish brands Lapuan Kankurit and Jokipiin Pellava on ALATI Online shop.

The Finnish lifestyle close to the nature and how it reduces stress is an important trend that will increase in the future because of the hectic life we are living in. The power of the oceans and the forests should be recognized more as a way to escape from the stressful and busy life.

“We have set ourselves the goal to contribute and take part in this,” assures Zarda.


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