How to Build a Perfect Sauna

When I was asked to write an article about the sauna from a more technical point of view I grabbed the opportunity, as being an engineer this is up my alley. Sauna might seem very simple, a room with a heater, but suble things make a great difference. There are some key points to be aware of. Instead of giving detailed building instructions I wish to give you some key points, to find a new perspective on thinking about the sauna, and for you to consider a detail you were not aware of before.

The sauna is an integral part of life in Finland, since thousands of years, and so enormous amount of experience, feeling and knowledge is silent. We Finns are taken to sauna before we learn to walk, then have sauna at least weekly throughout our lives, at home, work, sports, summer cabin, at friends or relatives house, basically everywhere is a sauna. The self-evident is often difficult to quantify.

We at Saunastore sell, design and build saunas for various clients, so the numerous aspects need to be translated into real rules. We cherish the opportunity to do that every day. There are approximately two million saunas in Finland, and nearly each one is different. Also each bather has different preferences. For example a customer might ask for a ”traditional sauna”. However what is now traditional, was modern at some point in the history, also a current trend might become traditional in the future. The sauna develops. So can there be a perfect sauna? Absolutely there can be but not just one, as there is a perfect sauna for each house, location, space, time, person and preference.

Just so to make it clear, taking a sauna is an experience that begins well before you enter the sauna, it begins with a mental transition to being relaxed, shedding all urgency, and then continues until well after the sauna, when cooling down and rehydrating, still enjoying the endorfines. This whole experience is important, no sauna is perfect being just the sauna. We’ll concentrate on the sauna room itself.

So how to quantify the traits that are present in all good saunas? I will give you 5 questions to present to narrow down your selection of various sauna types. Then 5 features that are found in all great saunas. With these points you will succeed in having a great sauna. Read the following parts to find those points.

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Tapani Aho

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