Bring a Genuine Lapland Pine Forest to You

Pineart Production manufactures solid-wood design buildings which bring the primeval pine forests of Lapland within arm’s reach. Our customers appreciate authenticity and want calming elements in their busy, everyday lives. No-frills authenticity and eco-friendliness are close to our heart. We respect nature and emphasise natural beauty in everything we do.

Genuine Lapland forest therapy can help you get back in touch with nature. Real natural materials like solid wood and linen all speak for our products. They provide the basis for well-being.

The mood is always the same in a Pineart building whether the building is located in a city centre or in the wilderness. It brings Scandinavian style, a dash of daring and a sense of the primeval to the environment.

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            Pineart Production

Solid-wood design building which bring the primeval pine forest of Lapland withing arms' reach.


Kari Poutiainen
Tel.: +358 50 547 8707