Kelo Wood – Nature’s Very Own Antique

Kelo wood is nature’s very own antique: unique wood that is centuries old. A snag, or kelo in Finnish, is an old tree that has dried out and shed its bark. The outer surface becomes grey and inside is a reddish pine. Pine trees stop growing in the north around 300–400 years old. The process a tree undergoes to become a kelo takes several decades, after which time the tree may stand in place for centuries. The unique appearance and scent of kelo wood relaxes the mind. It is suitable for building all kinds of sauna.


Our product range includes kelo wood in all its forms: from logs to sawn products and timber framing. Our Uhtua Design brand includes design furniture, wallboards, indoor saunas and outdoor hot tubs all made from kelo wood. Our customers include private interior design enthusiasts and builders, as well as construction companies and interior design professionals.

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A snag (kelo in Finnish) is an old tree that had dried out and sheds its bark. Product range includes kelo wood in all its form. Kelo is suitable for building all kinds of saunas.