Temal bathroom furniture and basins fit the essence of the Finnish Sauna’s Soul. They are flexibly measured in every bath and spa room. Temal combines Nordic design of purity with functional, antibacterial solutions. It has over 100 years of manufacturing know-how. This know-how is seasoned with a sprinkle of perkele and loads of Finnish Sisu. All this is Temal, from Finland.

Temal has two factories in Finland. The company runs the factories and the production all itself. The other factory is dedicated to the customized mass production of bathroom furniture. The other manufactures antibacterial enamel products, like sinks, tables and benches. Enamel is a hygienic, safe, and according to the company, a “looooong-lasting” material.

Temal’s key words are cleanliness, safety, and environmental-friendly

The surfaces in Temal products repel bacteria and dirt. It is effectively resistant also to air pollutants, corrosion, and chemicals. Enamel does not absorb water and therefore cannot break for freezing in cold air. The difference between enamel and nano-technology is the safety and durability. The enamel is within the steel, so the antibacterial feature does not disappear over time. It creates safety in spaces that require high level of hygiene, for example, in public spas and saunas. The material is recyclable and its components do not include any toxic substances.

Temal represents the Finnish know-how from many aspects:

  • Design from Finland
  • Functionality
  • Continuous product development
  • Responsibility that considers the environment in all functions
  • Made to last
  • Only the best materials

The quality of Temal consists of two elements: design and functionality. It fits premises of high utilization rate that require high hygiene as well as antibacterial and long-lasting solutions. High level of hygiene is one of the most important elements in creating a pleasant sauna experience. Its importance is visible from start to finish. This is why it is worth it to make sure the furniture and the fixtures are easy to clean.

Sales Nina Zischka

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