Did you know that Central Finland is the Official Sauna Region of the World? Central Finland has had the title of the Sauna Region since 2015. New saunas are built, and sauna events are arranged continuously.

There are numerous travel companies in the region that offer products and services related to the sauna. For example, Revontuli – The Northern Lights Resort, Varjola Countryside Resort, and Himos Holiday Resort are in the region. Additionally, the historically significant heritage travel destination, Savutuvan Apaja and its lakeside sauna, are on the island of Haapasaari at Vaajakoski.

Get to know the saunas at Central Finland

Revontuli Resort and Varjola Resort, among many other services, will be warming up their saunas and opening their doors for the Central Finland’s Sauna Region Week from 25 June until 2 July. A sauna enthusiast can find a place for throwing water on the stove everyday throughout the whole week if wished. See the whole week’s programme on Visit Jyväskylä Region’s website.

It is a fun idea to make a visit to the Jyväskylä harbor as well. The long-awaited sauna restaurant Viilu has just opened there. The location of Viilu is the best that Jyväskylä has to offer. The City Centre and the Travel Center are right next door. So are other services too in the ever-developing Port of Jyväskylä. The popular Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki and the Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra (which both have high-quality saunas as well) are only a short walk away. Viilu Sauna World includes three Saunas of different styles and sizes, offering unique and high-quality Sauna experiences. During the sauna session, you can take a dip in the lake or Jacuzzi, both in summer and in the winter.

Saunas are visible in the business environment of Central Finland

Sauna services are one of the most noticeable travel services in Central Finland. In addition to the service selection, the factory and headquarters of the leading international sauna and spa company Harvia are in Muurame, Central Finland. Harvia headquarters welcome often international media and, for example, at the beginning of June 8.6. Harvia arranged the post-event with an additional programme and a factory tour for World Sauna Forum 2022 international guests. Alongside with Harvia, for example, Huliswood that builds kelo wood saunas has its functions in Central Finland.

World Sauna Forum 2022

The new Woolman company’s office at Jyväskylä Travel Center has understood the positive effects on wellbeing of the sauna experience. And the company’s industry doesn’t involve sauna building at all! The brand-new office was built around the sauna so that it can be situated in the middle of all functions. This way the work community can use it as often as possible. Anyone can spend their breaks in the sauna. The sauna experience includes for example a cold pool because hot-cold variation helps the recovery from work and stress. Find out more about the development project of Woolman Jyväskylä’s office sauna.

Cover photo: Tommasso Fornoni / Visit Jyväskylä Region

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