Sauna from Finland is happy to welcome two new international members to Sauna from Finland network: The Sweat Shack and Cedar & Stone Sauna from the US. Owners of the both companies are true fans of Finnish Sauna and are spreading information about the multiple benefits a really great, authentic Finnish sauna brings.

The Sweat Shack is based in two locations in California. The company is a multi-faceted sauna sweat boutique offering elements of a Finnish sauna experience thorough sauna bathing. They have designed an environment that enlivens the senses and promotes restoration of the spirit, soul and body. They have also created a franchising model to spread the idea of Finnish sauna even further. The saunas in the Sweat Shack were provided by another Sauna from Finland member, the Nordic Sauna.

Sweat Shack
Photo: The Swat Shack

“This is a great example of the power our network has. Nordic Sauna joined our network two years ago and have since been in close co-operation with us. This resulted to the Sweat Shack owners Jenifer Felan and Mark Felan to visit Finland for the World Sauna Forum 2019 by the recommendation of Nordic Sauna’s Kim Temme and Logan Ross. Participating the World Sauna Forum got the Felans excited about the Finnish sauna and to join our network as well,” says Satu Freyberg, the Head of International Marketing at Sauna from Finland.

The other new Sauna from Finland international member, Cedar and Stone Sauna, is based in Duluth, Minnesota. The company offers a chance to experience Finnish sauna and at the same time teaches Finnish sauna culture to its customers. They are also a custom sauna builder, offering high-end, premium, modern Scandinavian saunas and sells all kinds of sauna products and is looking for many more from Finland.

Cedar & Stone Sauna
Photo: Cedar & Stone Sauna

Freyberg rejoices about the new members:

“Sauna from Finland is always happy to get international members that for example retail, build, design, promote or are interested in starting a business related to Finnish saunas and sauna products. We believe in co-operation and that together we can make the authentic Finnish sauna more visible in the global wellness markets. Every member is important to us and we want to help them to add value to their business while creating a strong Finnish sauna community,” she says.

Cedar & Stone Sauna’s CEO and Founder Justin Juntunen strongly encourages to join the Sauna from Finland network as an international member.

“If you’re thinking about it, if you want to become a member—do! We love being supported all the way from our partners in Finland,” Juntunen states.

Take a look at video where Juntunen welcomes everyone to join the biggest virtual sauna event of the year, the World Sauna Forum, and encourages to join Sauna from Finland network.


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