The world’s biggest hot tub manufacturer, Kirami, has been on the industry already for 20 years. The company has also expanded to sauna production.

The story of Kirami begun in 2000 when the CEO Mika Rantanen got familiar with hot tubs living in Sweden. They realized that the product was not yet known in Finland, and it was time to make a change to that. In the beginning, the wood-burning hot tubs were such a strange concept for Finns that they were mistook as roofless saunas, and the new entrepreneurs were constantly correcting these assumptions.

Today, Kirami is the biggest manufacturer of wood-burning hot tubs. It provides every year over 10.000 hot tubs in Finland and Europe, the export covering over 40 % of the number. In 2019, the company added FinVision Sauna to its product range, and the popularity was huge. The next year Sauna Factory was founded in order to respond to the demand of FinVision. The hot tub and outdoor sauna combine a great outdoor wellness unity which can be accompanied by Kirami Outstanding grill.

Easy to purchase and use

The company wants all its products to be as easy to get and use as possible for the customer. Kirami’s values are also important to come through in every part of the production cycle. FinSauna’s manufacturing happens completely in Finland, and the choice of materials in all products pursues towards as recyclable as can. The company has also actively been discussing about the importance of safety demands and their regulation on the EU level.

These products will last for a long-time in many different air conditions. How so? Because when outdoor products come from the country of four seasons, they must take the summer heat as well as the minus degrees of chilly winter. The Kirami staff is also multilingual so you might even get service in your first language! Check out the list of international resellers to see if you can purchase Kirami products near your home.

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