Does the floor in your sauna premises tend to be slippery often? NEROSTEP plastic grid mats do not slip, or slide and it is amazingly comfortable to walk on them. They are incredibly secure even in the wettest areas which is an essential value to make the sauna experience feel safe. In fact, Nerostep is the number one brand according to the results of the tests of slipperiness.

Nerostep makes sure that everyone can have a safe sauna experience from the start until the end. The customers or the service providers do not need to worry if anyone slips and hurts themselves in the wet areas because the mats will not slide. The mats are a great solution for preventing accidents happening and guaranteeing safer minds while enjoying a sauna experience. The slip proof mats are a must-have equipment in every spa and sauna area. In addition to this, the mats are easy to clean and dry!

White mat in steam sauna
Mat in steam sauna

Because the mats are made of strong and quality materials, they withstand a lot of use. This Finnish quality product can be modified in every space and area according to the wishes of the customer. They mostly fit inside saunas, in the shower and washing areas, and in the dressing rooms. In fact, slip-proof mats should be in all sauna premises or other areas with a slippery floor. The mats are also available in multiple different colors, therefore the service providers do not need to make compromises with the decoration of the area either.

Green mat in shower area
Mat in shower area

Learn more about safety and other core values of the authentic Finnish sauna experience.

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