Satu Freyberg

Satu Freyberg

Satu is our Head of International Marketing with long experience in helping companies to the international markets.

Satu has versatile experience in international marketing in different kinds of business environments. She is in charge of the group of Finnish companies visible on this website in addition to international collaborations. Satu plans global marketing tactics, answers to requests coming from abroad, delivers leads to Sauna from Finland members, and searches for visibility opportunities for the companies under her care. She also operates as an expert in organizing international events. She is the lady to get in touch with when looking for elements for creating a Finnish sauna experience.

Satu Freyberg

Contact Satu, when…:

  • You want to find products and services related to the Finnish sauna
  • You need ideas for marketing your Finnish sauna business
  • You’re interested in becoming an international member
  • You want to collaborate with Sauna from Finland (trade fairs, media, PR events…)
  • You want to organize B2B Matchmaking in your home country for companies interested in the Finnish sauna

Satu’s motto is widely known in among her team members: “We won’t panic because of this”. One of the secrets behind Satu’s calmness must be that she goes to her home sauna every day. She also loves watching the breathtaking views of Finnish archipelago while boating with her family. Satu thinks the best way to sauna bathe is to take your time and swim and snack in between.

Satu Freyberg
Head of International Marketing, Sauna from Finland
p. +348 400 966 112
[email protected]

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