Metsä/Skogen’s products and services draw from the energy of a forest

Metsä/Skogen as a brand is as multilayered as a real forest. It is Finland´s first experience-based concept (store). All Metsä/Skogen’s products and services draw from the same refreshing and calming energy of a forest.

Metsä/Skogen is sanctuary in the buzzing city center of Helsinki Finland. There you will have the chance to experience the magic of forest without ever leaving the city center.  You can have refreshing spa treatments, eat organic healthy food, take a nap in our forest hammocks and also purchase 100% eco-friendly timeless products – souvenirs from the forest. It can´t be fully explained – it needs to be experienced.

The idea of Metsä/Skogen originated from Carita Peltonen´s (founder) realization: Forests have healing powers. For many urban city people the actual forest is usually too far, too inaccessible. Carita began to wonder how she could bring forest within everyone’s reach. This is how Metsä/Skogen was born. There you can truly experience the magic of forest without even leaving the city center.

The studies show that being in a forest decreases stress. It makes you more aware of your surroundings, calms you and helps you be more present in the moment. Metsä/Skogen´s mission is to make people pause in the middle of all things hectic, take a moment and appreciate the unique beauty of a moment. All their products and services will help people be more present – So in a way they work in the same way as a real forest. They will calm you! You can also bring a small part of the calming forest energy to your home by purchasing their products.  All of them are made with love and thought and you don’t have to worry about how the products are manufactured, they are 100% eco-friendly – the new luxury.

To us Finns forest is as holy as sauna. Both will provide you with a holistic, relaxing experience. Both forest and sauna treat everyone equal, everyone is welcomed, as they are. They are applying the same ideology to Metsä/Skogen and everything they do! Metsä/Skogen is for everyone! Whether you want to take a minute for yourself, pamper yourself with forest spa treatments, have a nutritious meal or snack, or need a perfect pair of garment or just want to experience the magic of a Finnish forest.

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