NOWENE is a Finnish family-owned company operating in Heinola just 1,5 hours from Helsinki-Vantaa. The company offers accommodation with 75 rooms and a Health SPA with an exclusive Sauna World.  In Nowene, you can try the traditional Finnish treatments, like using peat, herbs, or other natural ingredients.

NOWENE’s roots are in the high appreciation of nature. The core elements of its brand are light, water, nature and clean air. When staying at NOWENE, you can leave the hectic and noisy world behind and concentrate on the moment and on your personal well-being and at least for a while, live like a Finn. The experiences offer relaxation and peace of mind close to the nature, the sense of luxury in a traditional Finnish way.

Traditional and Innovative Saunas and Treatments

The SPA is mainly for adults and there you can heal your pain or skin in a pure natural way, which is a trend now. The experience reduces stress and like sauna as an example, enlarges veins and has positive effects on blood-pressure. Peat sauna is good for persons who, for example, have skin problems.  There are several different types of Saunas, including the traditional smoke sauna. People are guided to experience sauna as a traditional Finnish way by respecting the culture. You can also test the effects of an infrared sauna, salt room and water massage on your body. In addition to the warmth of sauna there is a possibility to experience the cold of Cryo Therapy,  -110 degrees.  The staff are happy to show you Nowene’s secrets.

NOWENE is accessible to all and it is mainly focused on group reservations. In this stunning historical environment, you can experience nature, get unique treatments, live relaxing spa life and plunge into the spirit of the 1950s. As you arrive in Nowene, you land in the middle of genuine Finnish nature and a Nordic wellness experience.

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