Nukula – Wellbeing by a Lake in the Heart of Pure Nature

Guesthouse Nukula is located by the Lake Päijänne in central Finland. The company offers wellbeing; good night sleep, Finnish food, experiences in sauna and nature in the heart of pure silence. You can recharge in Nukula, and bring back home an energizing and a balanced lifestyle. Customers are treated like family members.

Company’s working methods communicate respect for one another and the Nature, presence in the now, a strong sense for ethics, and sustainability. The services offered by Nukula increase customer’s wellbeing physically, spiritually, and mentally. It aims at customer’s relaxation and liberation from stress. The goal is that customer is able to practice the wellbeing tips received during the visit also in normal life.

You can see the Finnish culture not just in the Finnish sauna, but also for example in the surroundings, buildings, food, and in different activities. You will hear stories about sauna, like what meaning it has had to Finns during different parts of their lifetime. The food offered in Nukula is always local and made on the spot.

In Nukula, you can notice many values of a Finnish sauna experience, such as feeling with all your senses: the environment is full of nature’s colors, sounds, different surfaces, and leaves and berries that can be tasted. Being present and in the now is one of the important things in Nukula, as well as relaxation and wellbeing. Wellbeing in Nukula includes healthy sleep, healthy food, and relaxing and cleansing sauna services. All the activities increase physical and mental wellbeing. The company has been awarded the Green Key eco-label.

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Nukula is a small family-run guesthouse, which offers accommodation, food and diverse programmes for families and groups.


Hannele Levävaara
Tel.: + 358 40 703 8136

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Satu Freyberg

Tel. +358 400 966 112

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