On the shore of Lake Kirrinjärvi in Central Finland, there is a 400-year-old farm that offers accommodation around the year. The beautiful rustic rooms along with the historic surroundings take you to the old times.

There are three types of accommodation to choose from in Farmhouse Kumpunen. 1) The romantic rooms inside the farmhouse, 2) the cottages on the lake shore with their own little beaches and saunas, or 3) housing in barns during summertime. And to make the experience more authentic, the visitor can try the gentle relaxation in the smoke sauna. On the side, you can have a meal filled with Finnish flavors made by ingredients from local producers.

kumpunen savusauna

Smoke sauna in an old barn

The smoke sauna in the Farm Kumpunen is in a building that was formerly a barn. The beautiful log building is an ascetic experience that is on shore of the lake. If the traditional Finnish smoke sauna is a new experience for you, the hosts are happy to guide you. Modern lighting makes the atmosphere magical, and it also helps to find your way to swim in the lake. What could be more calming than breathing the fresh air while watching the gloom of the still lake? During the colder times you can sit by the fireplace and have an ordered meal on the side.

kumpunen smoke sauna

17th century farm promoting sustainable development

The farm Kumpunen offers unique and personalized service which makes the visitor feel warmly welcome. However, the quality of service does not exploit the environment. The couple who runs the farm wants the holiday activities to support the sustainable development. The principles of sustainable tourism are guiding the business’ directions: The food served at the farm is all Finnish, and locally purchased when possible. Also, the washing detergents are biodegradable, and the textiles used in the decoration are either old handicraft found from the farm, or production of Finnish textile manufacturers.

kumpunen maatila pelto

The spirit of the old times is preserved as strongly as possible. The traditionally renovated buildings in the middle of the pure nature lets you jump in the 17th century Finnish farm lifestyle for the time of your stay. Can you feel the era of Sweden’s great power or the autonomous time in Grand Duchy of Finland under the Russian empire?

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