For many of us, sauna is a way of life. Everything that goes with it, brings the concept of well-being to life. This is how Berliners Sami Bill and Rebecca Lang feel as well. In 2017, Sami and Rebecca founded a Finnish sauna raft, FINNFLOAT on Lake Müggelsee in Berlin.

The shores of the lake Müggelsee have dense forests and many species of birds’ nests in the reed belts. Although being so close to the large capital of Germany, here you can enjoy peace and space. As part of the tour on the floating sauna raft, you can try paddling to see nature more closely. If you are lucky, you will encounter kingfishers and otters. Müggelsee, the largest lake in Berlin, is a Natura 2000 protected area.

FINNFLOAT received the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate

Sami and Rebecca first became aware of the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate through Ruka Safaris while trying out their Sauna Tour. They kept on seeing more information about Sauna from Finland and the quality certificate and realized that it would be a suitable for their sauna service.

Sami and Rebecca found the Quality Handbook and its quality criteria interesting. The values of an authentic Finnish sauna experience matched their values. However, together with Sauna from Finland experts, they wanted to upgrade the sauna service’s quality level a bit. They replaced the stones on the sauna stove into new ones. The quality criteria made by Sauna from Finland also suggests that the sauna service should provide information and stories about the Finnish sauna culture or history which is what FINNFLOAT decided to bring into part of their sauna tour.

Harvia sauna stove

FINNFLOAT has the NATURE themed sauna certificate

Sauna quality certificate NATURE & GARDEN is awarded to saunas in natural environments. At FINNFLOAT sauna experience, one can also get the interplay of heat and cold, social interaction, rest, and relaxation, just 20 minutes away from downtown Berlin.

“A good sauna experience is like a little journey: you pack a towel and bathrobe, chop wood, pick birch twigs for a vihta, mix a berry peeling, collect herbs for a footbath, light the fire in the sauna stove. You come out of the sauna, and you’re transformed. This is the magic of the sauna.”

EcoFurn chairs

Sami and Rebecca have expanded their portfolio and will in future be offering tours to Finland accompanied by themselves under the FINNFLOAT Green Travel label. They are currently creating a sauna trip to and in the Tampere area with the aim of getting our guests enthusiastic about the Finnish sauna in the long term. Tampere is the World Sauna Capital.

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