The aroma of the wild, Nordic nature shows in the special taste of the canned meat. Säilyke Herttua mainly uses Finnish ingredients from reindeer, moose, pork and beef in order to make the products from raw materials that are generated as ecologically and ethically as possible. Only special meat, such as kangaroo and bison, is imported.

The Säilyke Herttua food company was founded in Central Finland in 1996. It focuses on the production of high-quality meat products. The product line includes a basic range, additive-free roast meats and specialties. The canned food is produced professionally and with respect for tradition. The founder and master butcher Ahonen developed a secret recipe that serves as the spice mixture. In addition to the traditional meat preserves, new and tasty products of the same high quality are developed, such as the Herttuan Pikaset product family for quick meal preparation.

Food, drinks and cooking are an important part of the Finnish sauna experience, as flavors and beautiful food presentation complement the relaxing and nurturing sauna bathing. For example, a slice of bread topped with Säilyke Herttua’s meat tastes delicious before and after
the sauna. Tastes enhance the multisensoriality and uniqueness of the sauna experience. Therefore, the new concept Tasteful by Sauna from Finland aims to develop together with Finnish food and kitchenware companies innovative products and service options for the international sauna and wellness market.

The origin of the special flavor

Unique Nordic taste characterize the Säilyke Herttua’s preserved meats. The wild aroma relate to the habitat and diet of the animals. The Finnish reindeer living in the forests and mountains of Finnish Lapland feed mainly on lichens and other plants
growing there and quench their thirst with the pure water of the streams. Moose also live freely in the clean forests of Finland and prefer branches and twigs as food. This is why the aroma of wild nature, such as the Finnish coniferous forest, can also be tasted in the meat preserves.

In a dry place and at room temperature, the products can be stored almost indefinitely. The preserved meat is ready to eat straight from the can, but it can also be prepared quickly and easily in a variety of dishes. In addition to its own range, Säilyke Herttua also produces delicious canned food and sausages from meat supplied by customers.

Säilyke Herttua serves both private customers and companies. Canned food is also very suitable as a corporate gift, for example moose roast with your own corporate design!

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