Arctic Honey Shed produces Finnish premium honey with experience from over 10 years. The honey comes from the pure forests of Southern Finland. The diverse nature of the region enables the development and production of unique honey products.

The company is run by two young entrepreneurs who are passionate about bees and one marketing communications specialist in love with honey. The mission is to upgrade the image of Finnish honey in Finland and around the world. The message for the quality, purity, and naturalness of the honey comes through the company’s values and products. Bees are the superheroes of the company and that is why responsible beekeeping is in the center of the functions.

Arctic Honey Shed brings completely new kind of products in the current honey selection by introducing gift sets. The product range includes ready-made sets for customers who love quality, in categories of honey and sauna products. The products are unique and innovative. They are developed by the in-house team all the way from the product development phase to the packaging design.

The team continuously comes up with new taste variations and sauna product recipes using their 100% pure honey. They want to introduce new honey products for cooking, baking, and perfect sauna experience. It is important that the products respond to the current trends and demand. The company also utilizes the knowledge and quality ingredients of other local producers in the development of new product recipes. This makes the products unique. In 2021, Arctic Honey Shed launches a new product family called ‘Flavour & Honey’ that includes excellent products especially for cooking and baking – because we love honey with a little twist.

New dimension of indulgent sauna honey experience

The great health benefits of honey support the development of honey products that promote well-being. This is why the 100% honey is also the basis for the quality of bath & shower products. The company utilizes Finnish herbs and plants to enhance the health effects. This also ensures a luxurious and relaxing experience which pampers all the senses in the middle of hectic everyday life. Arctic Honey Shed wants to bring high-quality wellness honey products easily accessible for every sauna bather around the world!

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