The Finnish Nykä-Mummon Piirakka Bakery got its inspiration already when little Tommi tasted his grandmother’s delicious Karelian pies for the first time. He began to dream: “How wonderful would it be to make and sell these by myself!”

This little boy grew up, got married, and started a family. The business got its beginning when Tommi and his wife Christine were looking for a business space. In 2013, they found a perfect place to have a bakery, situated in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. This is how the journey of pies into people’s homes started.

Smoked reindeer is as Finnish ingredient as it can be

The delicious smoked reindeer pies introduced by the bakery fit in dining tables on weekdays and on celebratory occasions. It is the perfect combination of smoked reindeer and rice porridge, rolled into a dough made of wheat flour. The final touch is the oily butter aroma that covers the pastry. During the sauna experience you can have it before or after taking a sauna – or even for eating while sitting in the sauna! The entrepreneur couple says that it fills you up ‘just the right amount’, meaning that it takes away the hunger but does not leave you feeling stuffed.

So, what makes these pies different from the other traditional Finnish pies? Well, Nykä-Mummon Piirakka Bakery is holding the record for fastest pie folder in Finland! More specifically, baker Christine entered a Finnish game show in 2021 and managed to fold and wave 25 pies only in one minute which easily broke the previous record. (Although Christine modestly says that she can fold over 30 in a minute on a normal workday…) When you are enjoying these sauna snacks, you are enjoying famous record-breaking pies, made with love and talent.

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