Finnish sauna is good for both your body and mind. It helps to relax and cleanse, is good for your health and makes your skin glow.

Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Gift Boxes are designed to make your sauna experiences enjoyable and relaxing. They contain high-quality Finnish products, which we at Sauna from Finland have selected just for you.

Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Gift Box is a perfect sauna gift and souvenir for your customer, co-worker, or dearest. Individual Sauna Gift Boxes can be bought in Veico’s online shop. If you wish to retail Sauna Gift Boxes or offer them as customer gifts, please contact us to get more information.

We currently have a selection of five different boxes:

Enjoy your sauna

This is the perfect starter kit for the authentic Finnish sauna experience. It includes all the basic elements needed.

Hukka Design – Soapstone Elf
Jokipiin Pellava – Linen Seat Cover
Lahtiset – Felted Sauna Hat
Osmia – Salt Scrub
Veico – Sauna thermometer


Sauna is a way of being with nature and also good for your skin. Pamper yourself with the lovely beauty products of this gift box.

Hukka Design – Orbits
Jokipiin Pellava – Linen Back Rub
Luonnokas – Natural Shampoo Bar
Suomaa – Peat Mask
Veico – Wooden box


We have handpicked these products to provide you the ultimate relaxation during the sauna experience. Just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the sauna experience with all your senses.

Jokipiin Pellava – Linen Seat Cover
Nystad Sauna Company – Sauna Scent
Osmia – Shampoo
Veico – Wooden coaster
Veico – Wooden box


Sauna is the perfect place to recover after sports. The products of this gift box help to reach the scientifically proven health benefits of the Finnish sauna. Loosen up your muscles and sleep better!

Hukka Design – Guasha
Jokipiin Pellava – Linen Sauna Hat
Luonnokas – Shampoo bar
Osmia – Sauna scent

Sauna Feeling

Love sauna but don’t have one of your own (yet)? No worries, you can create the sauna feeling with this gift box! These products help to create the authentic Finnish sauna atmosphere anywhere.

Jokipiin Pellava – Linen Washing Mitten
Luin Living – Soap Bar
Osmia – Scented Candle
Veico – Wooden coaster
Veico – Wooden box

Get individual sauna boxes at Veico or contact us for retail.

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