Höyry Löyly Oy is specialized in new innovations of sauna products. The main product is a patented Löylynsielu, which is installed on the sauna stove. The Löylynsielu is quick and easy to install.

This easy to use, high-quality product channels the water directly down in to the middle of the stones. Therefore the evaporation starts from the bottom instead of coming from the top creating a much softer and humid atmosphere in the sauna. It still doesn’t stop you from pouring the water on the stones in a normal way. This way you can create your own unique sauna experience every single time just the way you like it.

The product makes it easier for you to relax in the sauna for longer due to its moisturizing effect. It also helps in asthma / breathing problems and all those who suffer from dry skin problems.

The product is made of recycled aluminum, which gives it a long life cycle. Löylynsielu is suitable for all sauna stoves with stones. The product has the Key Flag Symbol indicating that it’s made in Finland.

Löylynsielu is a one of a kind product in the world, protected by a patent!

More info: www.hoyryloyly.fi

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            Höyrylöyly Oy

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