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Kastee® System is a new and unique concept for sauna designed and manufacturd in Finland. Kastee® System converts both electric and wood-burning saunas quickly and easily into spa-like steam rooms.

Kastee® System provides the versatility of a relaxing steam room while keeping the option of using your sauna in the traditional manner. Kastee® System allows for longer relaxing stays as the humidity can be adjusted to your personal level of preference. Your sauna will have two functions; traditional sauna and steam room.

Kastee® System provides a humidity that can be adjusted to your preference for relaxing warm steam. The pleasant and soft humidity allows for easy breathing and it is said that abundant humidity emulate the athmospere of an ancient smoke sauna.

Finland has a long sauna history and has proven to be the best in the design and manufacture of saunas and sauna stoves. Steam spas have a long tradition in Southern Europe. Kastee® System offers both the soothing properties of steam spas as well as the benefits of traditional saunas, both very relaxing.

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            Kastee Relax Oy

Kastee Relax Oy
Email: asiakaspalvelu@kastee.fi
Tel.: +358 9 35 400 100
WWW: www.kastee.fi

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