Nystad Sauna Company is all about celebrating the unique Finnish summer nature and sauna. Their products are 100% natural sauna scent and forest bath sachets made from pure Finnish ground birch leaves and herbs.

The products are chemical free, ecological, biodegradable, vegan and easy to use. The sachets of ground leaves are infused in hot water, just like tea bags. Nystad Sauna Company’s products are like a little piece of Finland, one of the cleanest, greenest and happiest countries in the world.

The company combines the raw beauty of Finland with modern and stylish packaging. It reflects the purity and calmness of Finnish nature and sauna experience. Since the authentic Finnish sauna experience includes traditionally the scent of birch, genuine birch leaves are the star ingredient in all products. The natural etheric oils of genuine birch leaves and herbs enhance the wellness effects of sauna through your skin and breathing. With Nystad Sauna Company’s products you can enjoy the wellbeing effects of the unique Finnish summer nature all around the world, all year around.

The sauna scents work best at a moderate heat, about 75 °C and you can use them on any stoves. With forest baths you can prepare pampering baths for your hands and feet. They work either as a part of luxurious sauna experience or as a separate enjoyment.

New forest baths from Nystad Sauna

If you have a sauna, you’re very lucky! However, now you can enjoy the authentic ambiance of the Finnish forests and lovely Nystad Sauna products also without a sauna. Prepare yourself a nice foot or hand bath with Finnish birch leaves, herbs and German Alpine salt. You can also enhance the wellbeing effects of sauna by enjoying the foot or hand bath in your sauna. You can also use the bath sachet for freshening up your face. Forest Baths are a good way to create a sauna experience without a sauna. It’s an easy and enjoyable way to feel close to luxurious Nordic nature and take a moment to relax and dream.

Nystad Sauna Company wants you to have pure luxury with pure conscience.

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