The ecological and lovely Finnish Ole Hyvä detergents clean gently but effectively both home and body. The mild, pleasant scents of the products derive from genuine essential oils. All ingredients are 100% plant-based, biodegradable, environment-friendly and vegan.

Ole Hyvä’s short sauna guide

The modern sauna experience is a holistic experience. It relaxes the body and mind. The sauna brings people back to where they came from: to nature. The traditional sauna is made of wood and is also heated by wood. Wood is a sensitive natural material that requires nature’s own, gentle care. And the human body requires it as well. Therefore, the Ole Hyvä product range is suitable for both sauna maintenance and bathing.

The Finnish word pair Ole Hyvä can be an answer to thanks but also a call to be good. Both combine in Ole Hyvä’s product line: it is a thank you for the nature and being good to it. You can use Ole Hyvä for cleaning the sauna and textiles as well as for body care.

Take a sauna bath in Ole Hyvä style

It is nice to go to the sauna when it is clean. It does not need to be rubbed, but it is recommended to vacuum regularly. If necessary, the sauna should be cleaned with Ole Hyvä’s odorless all-purpose cleaner, as its ingredients also come directly from nature. Surfactants based on coconut and sugar act as cleaning agents. The all-purpose cleaner maintains the wood fibers.

The sauna does not need to be cleaned every day. The cleaning interval depends on how often the sauna is used. If you sit in the sauna every day, you can clean the sauna once a week. If you take a sauna once a week, a suitable cleaning interval can be once every season.

The sauna likes natural textiles

A clean sauna likes clean textiles. Spread out the bench covers, washed with Ole Hyvä laundry detergent, in the sauna, and throw fresh water on the stove. Go swimming if possible and return to the sauna. Repeat this as many times as it feels good. When you have had enough of the sauna, wash yourself with mildly scented Ole Hyvä shower gel. Wash your hair with Ole Hyvä shampoo and treat it with a conditioner.

Ole Hyvä hygiene products contain a suitable amount of cleansing ingredients as well as a lot of plant extracts that nourish the body and refreshing, authentic essential oils. The plants of Ole Hyvä plant extracts, such as honey-scented meadowsweet and black elder, can also be found in Finnish nature during the summer. The fragrances are only the pleasant and gentle scents of genuine essential oils. They bring the aromatic breeze of Finnish forests to your sauna experience.

Finally, wrap yourself in a bath towel freshly washed with Ole Hyvä and sit in a cool place to enjoy the afterglow. Ole Hyvä laundry products clean all sauna textiles and are always suitable, from low temperatures up to 90 Celsius degrees. Ole Hyvä laundry vinegar replaces conventional fabric softener. It removes detergent residues and electricity from the towels and keeps the textiles fresh.

All Ole Hyvä detergents are made in Finland. They decompose 100% in nature and contain only the most important ingredients for cleaning. They spare both nature and the user.

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