Osmia’s Sauna Aromas, Shampoos and Soaps – the Real Feeling of Finnish Nature

Osmia is a pioneering company of Finnish sauna aromas, shampoos and soaps. The world of scents in all our products is unique and endlessly rich, highlighting the pure nature in Finland. The products are manufactured by Osmia from start to end.

The scents of Finnish pure nature are accessible to everyone

The inspiration for our products comes from finnish nature and the design is characterized by reduced elegance and clean lines. The products have everything you need, but nothing extra. Authenticity, purity and experience are the starting point for everything.

The sauna is, and alway has been, a sanctuary for refreshment and relaxation. Osmia’s products emphasize the desired ambiance by generating the feeling of Finnish sauna and nature, and evoke many warm memories. Our scent selection offers a way to create the desired atmosphere for any occasion. Osmia’s high quality products and unique fragrances are an integral part of an enduring and enjoyable sauna or bath experience everywhere.

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Export: Germany, Sweden, Hungary and Austria


WWW: www.osmia.fi