The beautiful and traditional patterns in Pikkupuoti products bring a touch of authenticity and the old times to everyone’s sauna. The Finnish nature can be brought even in the middle of urban areas. The soft colours and patterns offer a calming contrast to modern environments.

Pikkupuoti has manufactured sauna textiles already since 1987. The starting point for the designs of this family business has always been to manufacture sustainable and unique sauna products for customers who value high quality. A purchaser of their product does not need to worry if it will last a lot of usage.

High-quality can be seen in the material decisions. Natural fibre, linen, and cotton are the main materials of the products. All of the printing colours that they use are non-toxic and manufactured in Finland. In addition to making long-lasting products, Pikkupuoti wants to take into account the environment and sustainability in every step of the production.

The Finnish nature offers beautiful sources of inspiration. The designers want to emphasize the beauty of Finland that has been here for years and years before us. This is why the sauna textiles feature traditional Finnish themes, such as reindeer and elks, snowflakes, daisies, birch trees, and other plants from the unique and rich nature.

Pikkupuoti’s selection features sauna bench covers, pillows, bath and hand towels, and sauna hats that can also be worn in hot tubs. The sauna hat from the Reindeer collection became famous when Kourtney Kardashian wore it during her visit in Finland. Since this event, Pikkupuoti’s designs have gained more and more interest also from outside Finland.

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