Sauna Suits – no more need for separate sauna turns!

Enjoying the sauna is best done together. Say goodbye to time-consuming separate sauna turns or separate saunas for men and women: provide everyone with Sauna Suits and go to the sauna together! Sauna Suits are a comfortable and fun clothing to wear in the sauna, so that everyone can truly come and enjoy it.

Sauna Suits have been in use for over 20 years in the famous saunas of Koskenkorvan Trahteeri, Finland. They are key in arranging great sauna experiences. Sauna Suits are comfortable, nostalgic and most of all, fun! They are unisex, just by turning the suit around they are suitable for all.

Instead of separate sauna turns for men and women, going to the sauna together while wearing Sauna Suits makes the experience much more fun! Sauna suits are made out of durable Finnish fabric and are manufactured in Ilmajoki, Finland. They are modeled after old swimsuits and wrestling outfits. When you provide Sauna Suits for your guests, it means that everyone can come and enjoy the sauna, even if nudity or a missing swimsuit would otherwise prevent people from joining.

Sauna suits make a great gift for sauna enthusiasts. Public saunas or company saunas can also provide them as an option besides renting normal swimsuits.

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