Lahtiset felt shoes and other products are made from felted wool. Pure sheep’s wool is a sustainable material and so is the manufacturing process itself.

A previous farmer, Alex Lahtinen, founded a felt boot factory in Jämsä in 1921, in the village of Partala. From then on, the Lahtiset company has cherished the noble skill of manufacturing felt boots. The mastery came to Finland from Russia.

Every pair of boots which depart from the Lahtiset Factory proudly represents the long traditions of the Lahtinen family’s history. Although the yearly production has expanded up to thousands of pairs of boots. Even today, the felt boots are made carefully, step by step by hand. This is because the invented machinery is not able to carry out most of the working phases accurately enough.

Lahtiset knows that felt works well for shoes, hats, and other occasions

Felt footwear unites with nature – pure wool materials ensure that the footwear does not contaminate the environment. Wool felt feels both soft and warm on the feet and yet noticeably light and breathable. When made in the hands of professionals the results are unique. A pair of felt footwear is like two unique individuals ready to step into service.

The felted wool is soft and warm, yet light and airy to wear. Felt is fantastic in chilly weather. However, it works also well in warmer seasons because it is a breathable natural material. These individual and high-quality products are made by hand and are suitable for people of all ages.

Lahtiset have manufactured felt products in Finland since 1921 and their felt shoes are part of the Finnish folk tradition. By using designers, Lahtiset company has created new product lines that have roots in history. The aim is also to have a fresh look fit for the street. Lahtiset felt footwear is great for use before and after visiting the sauna. The felt sauna hat can be worn while in the sauna.

Lahtiset has a cooperation collection with designer Aki Choklat who is also the sauna ambassador of Sauna from Finland.

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