The Scent of Wellbeing from Pristine Finnish Nature

Sauna and skincare go hand-in-hand. Relaxing on the benches of a sauna, the mind unwinds and your skin is cleansed. The treatment products in Mellis Oy’s Sauna Arctica range are designed to be used in the sauna turning the sauna and well-being services into unforgettable experiences. Treatment masks in the Silva Arctica range and, for example, our strawberry exfoliating cream, are a perfect addition to the enjoyment and relaxing effect provided by sauna steam. High-quality raw materials from pure northern nature are the foundation of our products. Our products include berries picked in Finland, wild herbs, birch sap, peat, tar, honey and vegetable oil. We only use vegetable-based raw materials.

Our products are neither tested on animals nor contain mineral oils or other petrochemical ingredients, parabens, sulphates or synthetically manufactured colours or aromas – or anything else that does not meet the criteria for natural cosmetics. We keep gentleness in mind when developing the composition of our products so that they are suitable for sensitive skin and can be used on the face. The products are easy to use and clean; just rinse with water. Packaging sizes range from treatments to consumer sizes.

The products nourish, moisturise, cleanse and soften the skin. At the same time they relax the muscles and balance the skin’s action. Sustainable development, and the maintenance and restoration of natural diversity are important to us. Our products have been awarded the internationally respected NaTrue certificate.

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Treatment products are designed to be used in the sauna turning the sauna and wellbeing services into unforgettable experiences only vegetable based raw materials.


Minna Järvinen