“Why doesn’t the bath towel have straps so it wouldn’t fall off?” asked little boy Jiri while sitting in the sauna. The youngest of the entrepreneur family had just produced an innovation that is now the main product of Lindentex.

The towel with straps of Lindentex is the definition of ‘care-free’. After sauna you want to feel relaxed without having to struggle with wrapping the towel or squeezing it in your hands. It is especially practical for active children if they don’t like bath robes and love to run around before changing clothes or pajamas on. After all, a child invented the product.

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The unique invention increases safety

The unique products make it more comfortable to relax after sauna without worries but they also have surprising safety benefits as well. When you have your hands free from holding a towel, you can concentrate more on other tasks. Also, when climbing stairs or in the benches of the sauna it is easier to hold on the handrails. It is important for increasing safety in wet and hot areas.

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You can choose from towels with crisscross straps or unidirectional ones. Also, there are separate sizes for adults and children, in multiple colors. Get your hands on the products and make the after-hours of sauna more comfortable.

For the family, it was important that the towels with straps are available for everyone. The design of the towel is comfortable and suitable to use equally by all body types. The family lives in Koskenpää which is a small place of around 700 habitants in the Central Finland. That is the home of the Lindentex company. The towels are sewed in the textile factory of Kitee. The products are Finnish high-quality, and they fit in every home, as a gift for a loved one or for yourself.

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