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We at Sauna from Finland think that high-quality sauna bathing is a comprehensive and multisensorial experience. We help hotels, spas, gyms, public saunas, and other sauna service providers to create best sauna experiences in the world.

Authentic Finnish sauna experience consists recognizable, high-quality elements, such as sturdy wooden benches placed on right levels, wooden walls, proper insulation, ventilation, sauna stove with stones, and good löyly (steam that evaporates from the hot stones).

It also has to meet the Core Values we at Sauna from Finland have developed throughout the years of extensive research. We have studied sauna services and interviewed customers and professionals to find out what makes the Finnish sauna experience great and memorable, resulting to eight Core Values of the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience: 1) Authenticity, 2) Multisensoriality, 3) Presence and relaxation, 4) Health and Wellbeing, 5) Contrast, 6) Cleanliness7) Safety and 8) Responsibility. Read more about the Core Values here.

These Core Values are examined as an entirety: before sauna, during the sauna, and after the sauna. Together they create an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience.

The Core Values have lead to Quality Criteria, which gives specific standards for all the phases of the sauna experience, starting from the point where a customer reads about the sauna service from the website and ending to the customer finishing the sauna bathing. If the sauna service meets the Quality Criteria, it belongs among the best of the world.

Sauna from Finland professionals are happy to help you in creating the best sauna experience in the world.
  • Our experts consult hotels, spas, gyms, and public saunas to develop their customer experience from beginning to the end.
  • We help you both in creating a new sauna experience unit and developing an existing one.
  • With our help, you can map out all the elements you need for you service.
  • We connect you with the right companies.
  • We utilize service design to refine the customer experience, instruct your staff with customer service, and help you to develop the sauna experience with the specific location, story, and purpose of the sauna(s) in mind.

To support the service providers with the development process even more , Sauna from Finland has published the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook. The Quality Handbook contains articles about sauna services, descriptions about Finnish sauna products, instructions for i.a. safe and clean sauna experience and the Quality Criteria with which the service provider can check if the service meets the requirements of high-quality and authentic Finnish sauna experience. The comprehensive and concrete Quality Handbook is the number on tool for creating and developing a sauna service. The Quality Handbook will be published in English in May 2020. Read more here.

When you sauna service is ready, Sauna from Finland’s expert can audit it and grant it the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate. The Quality Certificate tells your customers, business partners, and staff, that your saunas and sauna services are one of the best in the world.

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Satu Freyberg
International Marketing
Sauna from Finland
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Satu Freyberg

Satu Freyberg

Tel. +358 400 966 112

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