Home saunas are increasingly popular. Many want to incorporate sauna routine into their everyday life and having a sauna at home enables being able to relax and take care of the wellbeing whenever one wants.

Indoor home sauna

Indoor home saunas are very common in Finland. In most cases, they are built at the same time as the apartment or the house. Adding an indoor sauna afterwards can be a bit tricky, but not impossible. You can either build the sauna as a separate room next to your bathroom or purchase a ready-built sauna room that can be inserted inside the bathroom.

Indoor saunas are usually heated with an electric heater. In some cases, the house might include a wood-burning sauna with a chimney.

Glass walls and doors are now trending in sauna designs, as well as sauna heaters inserted in between mid benches.

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Photo: Harvia Capella

Outdoor sauna

Outdoor saunas are more and more popular nowadays, because in many cases building a sauna on the home yard is more cost and time-efficient compared to building the sauna inside.

There are many outdoor sauna options. You can choose to build the sauna yourself, acquire elements and instructions from a builder, or get a turn-key solution which is ready for bathing in a few hours after arriving.

Outdoor saunas usually require a building permit from the local authority. Remember to check all the regulations before building/acquiring the sauna.

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Photo: Hetki Sauna Finland

Mobile sauna

Mobile sauna is quite handy in many ways — it can be moved around and doesn’t necessarily need a license permit since it’s not a static structure (check this from your local authority).

It’s quite common in Finland to have a business of rentable mobile saunas.

There are also hybrid models that combine the best of mobile and standard outdoor saunas. For example Ripavi (in the photo) manufactures turnkey outdoor saunas which combine the benefits of a traditional log saunas and new mobile saunas.

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Outdoor home sauna

Creating a Finnish home sauna experience

The sauna itself is naturally a crucial part of the home sauna bathing but a plain sauna is usually not enough to bring you relaxation and wellbeing.

Accessories, such as sauna buckets, cosmetics, scents, textiles, lighting solutions, decorations, and beverages are examples of elements that lift the sauna bathing at home to a whole new level — into an authentic Finnish sauna experience.

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