We at Sauna from Finland help you to create a unique sauna experience that stands out from your competitors and makes your customers return again and again.

Authentic Finnish sauna experience consists of recognizable, high-quality elements, such as sturdy wooden benches placed on right levels, wooden walls, proper insulation, ventilation, sauna stove with stones, and good löyly (steam that evaporates from the hot stones). And that’s not all — creating a memorable, positive and wellness-enhancing experience requires careful planning and service design regarding the customer experience.

We have studied sauna services and interviewed customers and professionals to find out what makes bathing in a Finnish sauna great and memorable. As an result, we have defined eight Core Values that work as a basis in creating a memorable customer experience:

1) Authenticity, 2) Multisensoriality, 3) Presence and relaxation, 4) Health and Wellbeing, 5) Contrast, 6) Cleanliness7) Safety and 8) Responsibility.

Read more about the Core Values here.Core Values of Finnish Sauna Experience

These Core Values are examined in an entirety: what happens before sauna, during the sauna, and after the sauna. They cannot be completely separated from each other — only together they create an authentic Finnish sauna experience.

From the Core Values we have lead the Quality Criteria, which give specific standards for all the phases of the sauna experience, starting from the point where a customer reads about the sauna service from the website and ending to the customer leaving the sauna area clean and fresh. The Criteria gives a structure to the sauna experience and is a practical tool for service providers in checking every detail. If the sauna service meets the Quality Criteria, it among the best of the world.

Sounds complicated? It really isn’t, because we help you to design a perfect sauna customer experience from start to finish.

We provide…

  • Information about correct ways to build a Finnish sauna with the specific surrounding and purpose of use in mind
  • Help with choosing sauna equipment, cosmetic products, foods and drinks, textiles, interior…
  • Connection to companies who can provide the necessary products and elements for building, finishing, or updating the sauna area
  • Support with the service design
  • Information and tools for marketing the Finnish sauna service to different target groups
  • Guide to professional sauna cleaning and maintenance
  • Ready-made concepts and help in providing and tailoring products, packages, instructions, guides, and menus for sauna customers (e.g. sauna gift boxes, ABC of sauna bathing, sauna snacks and drinks)

To help the service providers to get started with the development process, we have published the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook. The handbook contains articles about sauna services, descriptions about Finnish sauna products, instructions for i.a. safe and clean sauna experience, and the aforesaid Quality Criteria with which the service provider can check if the service meets the requirements of high-quality and authentic Finnish sauna experience. The comprehensive and concrete Quality Handbook is the number on tool for creating and developing a sauna service.

Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook

When you sauna service is ready, Sauna from Finland’s experts can audit it and grant it the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate. The Quality Certificate tells your customers, business partners, and staff that your saunas and sauna services are one of the best in the world. It’s a proof of the authenticity of your sauna.


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