Birch&Tales is a Finnish interior panel designer and manufacturer that brings the charisma of patinated birch to walls of homes and public spaces. The company creates design elements that are unique, ecological and fascinating – with a touch of the northern nature. Choose birch panels for your sauna to add personality!

There is a fascinating story worth telling behind the panel production of Birch&Tales. In the 20th century, the manufacture of birch boards was doing well, until the Finnish furniture industry faced difficult times. This left piles and piles of birch boards untouched and without use. Years went by and the touch of time became visible on the surfaces of the boards. The long and cold winters and rainy seasons in Finland left their mark. In the end, this created unique construction and design material that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Birch panels represent wooden gold

The people behind Birch&Tales found this ‘wooden gold’ and knew that it must be put into good use. It was clear that the naturally formed patterns had to be clearly visible, even the central element in the product. The vision of Birch&Tales was to design a unique interior material that would bring warmth and joy to every space.

As a result for this process, the Birch&Tales interior panel was born. It is a work of art of its own, like a painting that reaches the whole wall if wanted. The old birch wood continues its life cycle in places where it receives appreciation and the attention it deserves. Birch panels fit well both in a traditional or a modern sauna, for example.

Birch&Tales interior panels are easy to fit and install. The panels are possible to customize to customer’s wishes, or you can purchase ready-made products. Birch panel gives a personal touch inside a sauna or for the cool-off space after sauna.

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