Finns have a special relationship with light. There are parts in Finland where the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon for 50 days during winter, and on the other hand set at all for 50 days during summer. This relationship shows in Saas Instrument‘s fixtures and has made the company one of the leaders in innovative lighting.

Lighting solutions in the sauna are inevitable. Lighting makes the sauna safe, comfortable, and ambient at the same time. One can play with sauna lighting in the most imaginative ways, and Saas Instruments is happy to help to find the best solutions for every sauna.

Saas Instruments is a lighting manufacturer from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, with over 30 years of experience. During the years the company has fine-tuned its specially made lights to create the best of atmospheres for your sauna in a package that provides both the utmost quality and flexibility. Saas Instruments understands the lifestyle and idea of the Finnish sauna. Combined with thorough testing and quality checks, Saas Instruments has a pedigree that is hard to ignore. From the minimalistic spot lights to the wall and linear lights, the company has something to guarantee every sauna enthusiast a unique experience.

Saas wants to make the contrast between the size of the fixture and the amount of light coming out as big as possible. They provide lights in different colors and with different color temperatures to suit everybody’s needs. You can even change the beam angle on one of the spots. As the lights are dimmable as well, you’re able to set just the right mood in your sauna.

Saas recently launched two new sauna products. A new wall light (Highline Löyly) was designed together with KOHO Design to give clients a modern alternative to the traditional wall light for saunas. Highline Löyly speaks a clear Scandinavian design language which together with a light adjustment provides the modern enthusiast with just the right light.

Saas also introduced the world’s first ceiling installable linear light for saunas called the Highline Viiva. With its superb light quality, regular cut-off points, and dimmable light, Highline Viiva is ideal to install in sauna ceilings or seats.

Highline Viiva

In addition to these lights Saas also provides various versions of fibre optics to give your sauna beautiful effects.

Saas lights can alter the way people feel and interact with one another. Saas lights makes you want to spend a bit more time in the sauna. Lights are the easiest way to make a sauna feel luxurious and relaxing.

Saas Instruments—Made in Helsinki


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