High-Quality Sauna Bath with Veto

Warm your sauna with a Veto sauna heater for an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience and for a first class steam. Veto heaters and stoves are valued because of their heating speed, high efficiency, lesser wood consumption, quality of the heat and the long life of the heater.

Veto wood burning stoves and electric heaters have environmentally friendly, energy-saving features. Due to Veto’s exceptional structure, the stove saves 30% in wood consumption which enables the sauna to be bath-ready in less than 30 minutes. Carefully selected materials improve durability and lengthen the life of the stove.

Veto electric heaters come in multiple colors

Veto electric heater is made of corrosion-free stainless steel. The heater features an integrated humidifier that produces adequate humidity for the duration of the bathing. The integrated humidifier creates pleasant humidity in the sauna. Open and efficient air circulation is the key factor to first class functionality and high performance of the Veto electric heater.

Veto is a 100% Finnish sauna heater and a family owned business in three generations, producing both electric heaters and wood burning stoves. Focus on moments that make you stronger – have a high-quality sauna bath with Veto!

100% Finnish wood burning sauna stove is handcrafted from durable materials.
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Thoughtfully designed sauna heaters from Finland


Email: sales@muko.fi
WWW: veto.fi/en/

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