Finland is the land of millions of saunas. Because saunas are constantly built and not all of them are officially registered, no specific number can be stated. General information is that there are at least 3 million saunas in Finland—enough for every Finn to sauna bathe at the same time.

But where to start when planning a sauna tour in Finland? Take a look at the map of our members who offer sauna services around Finland. Some of them even have the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate, a sign of truly authentic and high-quality sauna experience. You might want to start from those locations and then move on to explore all the options.

Note: we have a lot of members who are still note on the map – contact us for more info.

Sauna pier lake

We at Sauna from Finland offer sauna tour plan and guiding services for groups and media who want to get to know different types of Finnish saunas. We can…:

  • plan the tour from start to Finnish (ha ha) for you
  • find the sauna destinations, accommodation, restaurants and sauna shopping possibilities that fit your travel schedule
  • connect you with the companies who provide sauna services
  • find a personal sauna guide for your trip
  • find a sauna therapist if you want to try traditional sauna bathing and sauna treatments

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