Boatsauna and Boatsauna Bath Barrel Give You an Unforgettable Experience

Boatsauna is a company making wooden saunas and bath barrels. Boatsauna’s passion is to create different kind of experiences and different kind of Saunas. All Boatsauna saunas are handmade so no sauna is like the other.

Boatsaunas and Boatsauna bath barrels are suitable in all kind of enviroments. When you have a Boatsauna in Your garden it will get noticed and people will come to ask you if they can have a look inside.

In the Boatsauna there is a wood burning heater and long benches where you can lay down and enjoy the soft and nice feeling. It gives You an unforgettable experience of relaxation and allows you to forget about your troubles. After the sauna you can go to the Boatsauna Viking bath barrel and enjoy the warm water.

The shape of the Boatsauna is like a boat turned upside down and the bath barrel is like a Viking ship. They give you the impression that you are in the middle of the Viking age which can make Your imagination to flow. By relaxing in the Boatsauna and Boatsauna bath barrel you forget your stress and it is also good for your health. All our products have the CE-marking.

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Handcrafted Estonian sauna with a unique design.


Eropan Oy
Tel.: +358 400 420 056

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Satu Freyberg

Tel. +358 400 966 112

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