Hetki Sauna is a Finnish brand that makes it easy for anyone to get an authentic sauna experience in their home yard or garden. The company, launched in the beginning of 2021, guarantees that you will get an outdoor sauna ready-made to your place. You don’t need to worry about building it.

The size of Hetki Sauna is perfect for transporting it internationally from Finland without having to break it into pieces. For this reason, the customer doesn’t need to build the sauna themselves after receiving it which can often be the case when purchasing a sauna from abroad. This turnkey sauna is a safe and easy purchase. However, even if the sauna is compact and ready-made, the brand hasn’t taken it away from the looks of the sauna. The production of Hetki Sauna starts after the discussions of what the customer wants – all colours can be modified according to wishes. The sauna has a modern look, so it fits perfectly for example in an urban environment.

Authentic experiences sent from the land of a thousand saunas

Finland is known for its strong sauna culture that has remained its traditions while developing the products and technology. The design and production of Hetki Sauna is in Finland to ensure the quality and authenticity of the result. Additionally, most of the materials used are from Finland.

Log saunas are popular in Finland because they last for a long time, from one generation to the next. The material can take the variations of temperature and humidity. These variations are constant in saunas and in countries with many seasons. The company describes that its log sauna ‘breathes’ and it feels comfortable to enjoy the health benefits of sauna.

Hetki Sauna offers personal sauna experiences in your own home. Looking to get an outdoor sauna from Finland that fits the style of your garden or house? Hetki Sauna could be the right one for you!

Sales Janne Oksanen

Email [email protected]

Phone +358103190190

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