Hirsityö Heikkilä – Constructing Hand-carved Houses and Architecturally Demanding Buildings

The professionals at Hirsityö Heikkilä use logs to create houses, art and architecture, as well as saunas, with structures and aesthetics that stand the test of time. In their hands, wood yields to the designer’s wishes. They have successfully implemented different construction projects with public and private builders.

Finnish Smoke sauna

The roots of the Finnish smoke sauna run deep. In the Finnish national epic, The Kalevala, smoke sauna was depicted as a source of strength and remedy. The dim light, smells, silence and the after heat of the following morning of an authentic smoke sauna are magical. When you combine the design work of architect Risto Vuolle-Apiala, who has done his lifework with smoke saunas, and Hirsityö Heikkilä’s professional know-how in wood construction, the result is a smoke sauna unlike any other built in the world. It is a traditional smoke sauna where bathing is a genuine and authentic experience.

High-quality wood for professional building material

In addition to building, Hirsityö Heikkilä sells top-quality sawn timber suitable for carpentry and restoring valuable buildings. The sawn timber is a side-product of log production from trees logged earlier this year. The sawn timber left over from squaring logs is sturdy, 150-year-old stem and centre logs with extremely tight fibres and very little or no branches. They also sell snags, for example small snags used in railing bars or snag branches suitable for sauna or outhouse doors.

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Hirsityö Heikkilä

Lasting beauty out of wood


Johannes Heikkilä
Email: johannes.heikkila@hirsityoheikkila.fi
Tel.: +358 40 5583 744
WWW: www.hirsityoheikkila.fi

How can we help you?

Satu Freyberg

Tel. +358 400 966 112

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