Kelorakennus Puustinen Oy is a company owned by two bothers, Mikko and Marko Puustinen. Their products include all kinds of kelo buildings from saunas to cottages and houses.

Kelo is a unique and durable building material. It doesn’t need any kind of special treatment and it doesn’t bend during usage and time. Kelo is able to withstand different weather conditions and its resistance is nearly eternal.

Constructing a kelo building and handling the wood is a form of art of its own. According to Kelorakennus Puustinen, the professionals working there sometimes “just let the saw run”. Because of this working method, every building looks different and unique – just like every tree used to be. Puustinen brothers are very proud of their skilfully carved kelo buildings and they want everyone to get the experience of imagining the old forest while sitting in the heat of sauna. Let your eyes wonder around and watch the lively and unique details of this special wooden architecture.

The authentic kelo wood used for building can be found only from a small area in Karelia from where Kelorakennus Puustinen supplies it all over the world. Kelo sauna represents Finland in its most authentic form and you will experience the best “löyly” in there. It has healthy air conditions because the building contains nothing but natural materials.

Kelo fits perfectly by the shore of an ocean or at the bottom of a fell – wherever you want to build it. Kelorakennus Puustinen can offer you close to anything you can imagine to be built using kelo wood. The experienced staff are able to transport the sauna where you want it, and they are happy to help you during the assembly. In addition, they supply kelo lumber products, like sauna benches.

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